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Mom’s Day Mania

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, have you felt the appreciation building up, giving hints for what you desire for the day and even incorporated your kids to help you receive a fabulous gift? Why not! Incorporating your kids into your day can not only be relaxing, who would have thought, but also […]

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Maternity Sports Bra…a Must Have

Momprenuers never cease to amaze me! This product is revolutionary and I wish I had several while pregnant with my three children.  Running and exercising was key for me and this product would have made that easier, much more comfortable and safer. Bao Bei maternity sports bra, the Belly Bra, brings comfort and fashion together […]

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Handbag Rejuvenated, Ideal for MOM

Do you remember the 80’s Bermuda bag? I DO and I owned at least 20 of this fashionable and easy to carry bag.  Yet, where did they go……leave it to a Momprenuer to remake a classic! Enter into the fashion world of handbags, the Carrie Clutch and the Dunham Clutch, designed proudly by Carrie Dunham. […]

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Lili Collection Footwear, Comfy and Cute

Lili Collection Footwear for Kids Lili Collection was born in 2013. Megan was a nonstop corporate woman who became a mom and realized she needed something comfortable, cute and practical for her son.  She took her corporate go-to attitude and spent countless hours developing, conceiving and producing these hand crafted shoes for tots. Lilly Collection […]

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SoapSox….As Seen on Shark Tank

Taking a bath can be a taxing time for both parents and children. Making sure the water is warm enough, towels soft enough and soap not getting into the eyes of the littles ones, makes cleaning up and ridding germs one of the toughest moments of every-night. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. […]

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Ask the Mom Advocate – March 7th

Your Q: Moms and Dads are bound to fight over things. Do you find it harmful if kids listen to their parents argue and how do you prevent this from ever happening if you so? Lilly W. The Mom Advocate A: First and foremost, parents will find themselves in an argument  in front of their […]

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