The Birth of the Mom Advocate

You always imagine having your first child will be the best moment of your life but when faced with the reality that your unborn has a chromosome deficiency, your entire life changes forever.

At 23 Ann Marie gave birth to her first child, never expecting to face a new reality of not just becoming a mother for the first time but of becoming the mother of a very special little girl. By  the birth of her third child in 2004 with a newborn who was rushed from her arms upon delivery and within an hour this beautiful baby boy was flight for lifed to Denver Children’s Hospital, a diagnoses of a life threatening congenative heart disease was told to both Ann Marie and her husband.  At day 3- Ann Marie’s third  baby underwent his first of several to date, open heart surgeries but not before both parents, surrounded by family and friends, with their Rabbi, gave this baby boy his Hebrew blessing and name, Nissam or Miracle.

Rather than feeling sorry for herself and her newborn or other two children, Ann Marie decided to turn this into an opportunity to share her thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams for her children with other mothers who also “didn’t expect” when they were “expecting.” She became the Mom Advocate; a mother who related to so many other mothers, who, whether they had a child with a disability or not, had a place to share all of their emotions of being a new mother by connecting with other first time moms in a safe, loving environment.

Ann Marie began speaking, spreading her story and giving SOLUTIONS she lived by which held her marriage in tact during these difficult times, Financial strategies for survival, Stress Relieving Concepts, Tips And Tricks To Battle Health Insurance, Weight Loosing Tactics and more! Over the next 5 years, Ann Marie became the go to women for everyone and everything MOM, Nationwide.

And thus  “The Real Mom TV Network” began. Ann Marie can now, through Web TV, be seen and heard nationally. With the success of The Mom Advocate TV Show, Ann Marie built the Real Mom TV Network into a successful multitude of daily web shows with various experts, where other moms and experts give advice on everything from Nutrition, Health, Style, Fashion and Fitness, encouraging other mother’s in every area of life, to embrace one of  the toughest jobs in the world; motherhood.

Believing in herself and her family and living by her rule since childhood, “You never get to make a First Impression, Twice” Ann Marie never went to the hospital while any of her children were or are hospitalized in sweats or unmanicured. This symbolic statement gives her stregnth from within to face each stressful situation and reminds herself and others she was and always will be a women first.

Ann Marie’s degree in Apparel Design didnt seem like the right routte upon the birth of her first baby but Ann Marie has continued to grow her passion of fashion and also write the Nationally loved column, Style For Moms for the Examiner.com

www.therealmomtv.com is the hub of all things MOM….whether you are concerned about your child’s eating habits, social interactions, physical fitness or your own concerns about staying connected to friends, keeping your body and mind healthy, or in need of a new wardrobe and fashion/styling advice, The Real Mom TV Network is the place to go; the mom destination where sharing stories and asking questions gives each and every mother a sense of community; where judgment and criticism is not okay but where real moms connect with other real moms who voice their opinions and receive invaluable information on all areas of motherhood and raising a healthy, happy family.

Ann Marie empowers women during their journey as mothers through her Radio Show, Weekly TV Shows, Style For Moms Column and National Speaking engagements.

How does a mother successfully balance life, family and career in today’s modern age?

In this inspiring, help-based series, mothers from all walks of life share their life stories and seek out advice from professionals in hope of finding the right balance in their lives. Discover the many ways in which mothers across America are managing hardships, raising their children, innovating, building businesses, giving back to their communities, and finding happiness. With the assistance of a select team of caring professionals, witness how moms near the brink of exhaustion are helped to meet their goals and find practical solutions to everyday problems. Through hands-on help and documentary style storytelling, the audience will connect with and share in the amazing stories of real everyday moms, as they learn about new tips and tricks, as well as the products and services that are helping moms across America improve their lives today.

Led by co-creator and host, Annie Foonberg, the show engages the audience through beautifully shot documentary style storytelling of the lives of amazing women, that at times are tragic, and at other times are purely inspirational, but are always filled with valuable life lessons. By addressing all facets of motherhood and family life in a positive, solutions-based way, the show will appeal to a broad audience that will find value and inspiration in its refreshing presentation.

The “Restoration Team” is the show’s team of professionals that assist the mothers based on their specific needs, providing advice and answers to issues with which they are faced. The team comprises a life coach, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, an in-home pediatrician, an internist, and a financial planner. Together, the team along with the occasional specialized expert, will give the guest as well as the viewers access to professional advice.

With a segment in each show dedicated to “mompreneurs” and trendy new products and services, women will discover new ways to better their lives and find inspiration in the success of other moms.