Maternity Sports Bra…a Must Have

Momprenuers never cease to amaze me! This product is revolutionary and I wish I had several while pregnant with my three children.  Running and exercising was key for me and this product would have made that easier, much more comfortable and safer.

Bao Bei maternity sports bra, the Belly Bra, brings comfort and fashion together in this fabulous bra while providing support for a pregnant moms back from the ever-growing stomach.

Bao Bei not only makes the Belly Bra,  but also makes Yoga shorts specifically for during pregnancy as well. The entire line of Bao Bei items can be seen online.

Suzanne Koval, MSPT took her knowledge of being a clinician for years and the need for more constructive apparel for pregnant moms and created Bao Bei line of safety apparel for pregnant woman.  With her unique style eye and her belief in the need for activity during pregnancy, Bao Bei was born.

A true momprenuer, Suzanne and Bao Bei is a must have during pregnancy!