Mom’s Day Mania

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, have you felt the appreciation building up, giving hints for what you desire for the day and even incorporated your kids to help you receive a fabulous gift?

Why not! Incorporating your kids into your day can not only be relaxing, who would have thought, but also rewarding.  Here are some tips:

  • Give your kids a card thanking them for making you mom
  • Ask your kids to gift you a clean bedroom or a clean out of their clothing that is too small
  • Incorporate your kids into a fabulous brunch and save the money from a busy restaurant that also never fully satisfies you
  • See a movie, together!
  • Plant your garden for the season, together!

Don’t forget to take time for yourself as well! No sitter or spouse necessary.  Again, incorporate your kids in your desire, which will also give them more to value for Mother’s Day.  A great life lesson. Here’s how:

  • Allow your kids to watch a movie in one room while you are in your bedroom watching tv or reading or working out
  • Ask them to make you dinner, something they can do without cooking and tell them that is also your time to meditate
  • Give them a new book and ask them to read for 30 minutes, while you read in a special and quiet place as well

Mother’s Day can be special and fun for ALL!


Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Mary.  A woman who taught me the most valuable life lesson, to be me and never settle!