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Newborn Shopping List! Mine at 34 Weeks!

Only six weeks to go… Time to check out my shopping list! What should I add, and what can I live without?

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NOT to Doula

I’ve been back and forth with the doula thing and weighing the pluses and minuses for me. I made a list of the positives and negatives of hiring a doula, and while the list of positives was longer when it came to services a doula can provide… I’ve decided I’m not going to hire one.

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Getting Ready for My New “Mommy” Shoes

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on some of my progress. In my last post I felt like I was FREAKING OUT. I was worried about fulfilling my career duties (which trust me, can be PRETTY demanding) and adding my motherly duties on top of it. At times it feels daunting and […]

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Pregnancy Mood Swings

A journey to motherhood can feel overwhelming. What are tips to overcome those feelings and enjoy the journey?

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Preparing for Bootcamp

My nutritional thoughts went out the window with my upchucked food during my first trimester. Now I’m preparing to get back on track… And stop eating os many dang hot dogs!

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